Monday, March 22, 2010

OK I need to get better at this

I know it has been a long time. I know I need to get better at posting. It would be good for me to as we have been told to keep a journal and this is the closest thing I have to one. But I am super busy with being a Wife, Mom, and Student. Sometimes I think I need to hire a nanny to do all of my dirty work, but then I realize I would just become a lazy lump on the couch. I enjoy the dirty work. This last weekend I decided to go through the boys toys. BAD IDEA!!! Especially since I have three tests this week. One in Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Nursing Fundamentals. And I had to write my first nursing care plan. That was tough. But School is going great I love going (even on the days when I have to beat the sun up). I am learning a lot and it is really good for me right now I am glad I have made the choice to continue. Jake is taking school off for the next year so that I can complete. The boys are growing bigger and bigger. I can hardly believe that Jeffery is going to be 8 this July. Life is flying by way to fast. Izack is at the top of his class in reading and math. JT is just the happiest little person I have ever met. Mikeal is finally out of the terrible two's (now that he is 3 1/2). And Wyatt is the most timid and skeptical baby I have ever met. It takes him a long time to warm up to people and things. Perhaps that is because Jake and I buy things that scare him. Like the big Dinosaur at Walmart we had to have cause it roared and made him cry. It is fun to be a parent, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I will try to get some pics loaded soon I just want some up to date ones.

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Michleene said...

Your family looks adorable. I love the picture.